Резка по размеру

Thanks to its environment and the professional expertise of its workers, DSG is able to supply custom size ceramic and gres tiles for individual projects.

Our ability to satisfy the requests of individual designers is due to the fact we have a cutting line for  ceramic and gres tiles on our premises and our production is flexible, making it possible for us to supply custom size ceramic and gres tiles not usually included in our product range.

When cutting DSG slabs on site, we recommend you to use manual cutters with a diamond tip or diamond disks specifically for porcelain.

If you use a manual cutter, first cut the surface of the slab with the diamond tip and then break the slab with a quick blow along the cut using the cutter blade.

When using diamond disks, cut the surface of the slab gradually using blades which are suitable for porcelain and cool the cutting area with water throughout.

When cutting bent pieces, in particular the single piece step, DSG recommends:

  1. Prepare a wooden worktop to place the bent piece on (for example the packaging which comes with the steps). 
  2. Place a 2/3 mm thick layer of rubber on the worktop. 
  3. Securethe bent piece to the rubber worktop using clamps with rubber cushions.
  4. Cut the tile using a normal grinding wheel with a diamond disk (12 cm diameter) suitable for porcelain.
  5. It is important to keep wetting the disk with water when cutting. Make sure the water jet is aimed at the area where the disk touches the tile.

This technique will give you a clean cut and will help eliminate any vibrations which could cause the tile to break.

For any information about our custom size ceramic and gres tiles do not hesitate to contact us. We will be at your complete disposal to provide you practical suggestions or show you our service of custom size ceramic and gres tiles for your slabs.