Вентилируемые фасады

DSG Ceramics created a wide range of ventilated walls tiles in porcelain gres. Ventilated walls are used to clad external walls of buildings and not only do they offer great advantages, especially as far as energy savings are concerned, they also protect the walls from the weather. The energy performance of a building with ventilated walls is greatly improved as its heating and cooling systems perform better than in traditional buildings. The use of ventilated walls also improves soundproofing noticeably.

Porcelain is the perfect solution for this kind of application, due to its high physical and chemical resistance

DSG's  ventilated walls tiles are 12 mm thick and are particularly suitable for ventilated walls because their large size optimizes the costs of the structure below. The 12 mm panels can be anchored using either concealed or exposed hooks.

Ventilated walls tiles have two different anchoring systems:

  • Visible hooks: this is the most economical system and does not require any extra work on the slabs. Ventilated walls tiles are fixed using special U-shaped hooks which are glazed the same color as the slab. The supporting structure is usually in aluminium and has a single vertical profile which runs along the joint, depending on the size of the panel. Replacing slabs is extremely easy as the hooks can be opened and closed.
  • Concealed hooks: this solution is completely invisible from the outside and is often requested by designers to guarantee uniformity and homogeneity of the wall design. The most common systems using concealed hooks consist of an expansion bolt which is placed in a hole on the back of the slab. The number of holes/hooks needed to support each slab is calculated according to the position of the building and the weather conditions in the area. Inverted conical holes are made during processing and it is the responsibility of the installer to tighten each screw to secure the slab to the structure's uprights.

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