The popularity of wellness centres, swimming pools, gyms and health and recreational facilities has grown over the past years and porcelain is the ideal material for these environments because it meets the necessary hygiene/cleaning standards but also has great aesthetic appeal and design lines.

DSG porcelain is particularly suitable and reliable in this kind of environment because it combines outstanding style with important technical features regarding resistance, durability over time, hygiene and practicality.

The DSG range comes into a class of its own in swimming pools, gyms and spas: in environments where wet and dry areas are in close contact, it is important to use safe, non-slip materials which may have very different surfaces and structures. When developing its ranges, it has always been DSG's policy to keep colour constant over different surfaces. So clients can choose from a selection of highly non-slip materials, tested with bare feet, to smooth or polished materials, without losing any of the colour on the surface and ensuring continuity in environments which see very different uses.

These settings can be extremely tough on materials, which come under considerable stress from water and steam, different temperatures, dry/humidity, attack by natural chemical agents (spa water), attack by chemicals in the disinfectants and cleaning products, intense foot traffic. In these cases, DSG porcelain really stands out for its intrinsic technical features and the colour/aesthetic possibilities it offers the designer.

The range of pool trims, furnishing accessories and other borders offers a wide selection of useful, safe solutions, designed for maximum aesthetic appeal.