Respect for the environment + safety in the factory and on site

DSG is committed to the safety of its workers and the environment and this can be seen in the choices it makes: its packaging uses less cardboard and no adhesives, emissions are a lot lower than those currently allowed by law, attention to the working environment is high and the slabs are bevelled and packed horizontally on pallets to ensure safety.

At DSG our priorities are:

  1. the safety and comfort of our production staff
  2. respect for the environment where the factory is located
  3. the safety of site staff, which is guaranteed by 100% recyclable packaging specially designed for easy handling.

1. Production safety and comfort

The best way to really understand how important it is to use technology correctly to create a pleasant working environment, is to come into our factory: the areas are spacious, clean and well-aired, the machinery is installed in an ergonomic space and staff can move around it freely on foot or by bicycle, the noise generated by the machinery allows workers to have a normal conversation. Our staff only intervene on the production line to carry out regular checks and extraordinary maintenance.

2. Respect for the environment

Our production facilities are situated in the suburbs of Faenza in an interesting location: we border with the San Rocco area, a bio town planning project which was awarded the title “2008 Mediterranean eco-district”. This location was possible thanks to our compliance with all the current environmental standards and a number of innovative solutions which were specially conceived for our plant. Data collected one year after we started production show that the area around the factory has remained unchanged as far as the purity of the air and the acoustics are concerned and that environmental emissions are totally under control. The plant is located in an area which hosts of wide number of activities and is home to the Scientific and Technological Park and the CNR (National Research Council), which are both involved in ceramics. DSG is therefore set in a context which heightens the company’s attention to its safety and environmental standards and the company guarantees these standards for its staff, clients and workers. When designing the factory and creating its products, the company was driven by these aspects, which are essential for a comfortable, modern working environment in today’s world.

3. Packaging: safe and easy to handle on site, recyclable and reduced volumes for an environmentally-friendly solution

As we deal with large formats, we have designed a customised packaging solution for our products to allow easy handling on site and to assist layers in their work. Our number one priority when designing the packaging was safety and accident prevention: since the slabs are extra-large, the only solution to ensure the slabs do not fall when the pallet is opened is to pack them horizontally. The ceramic slabs are packed horizontally to guarantee maximum stability and the packaging also provides handles, which makes it easy to move by hand on site. Despite the size of our slabs, the amount of cardboard and other packaging materials used is up to ten times less than for traditional tiles: packaging is used only where strictly necessary, to protect the edges and corners, while the surface of the product remains visible. The packaging contains all the information needed to identify the product and is 100% recyclable. Only a few pieces are packed in each package to facilitate movement on the building site. The complete packaging (sidepack) uses minimum quantities of cardboard, for the protection of the sides and the corners of the slabs. It also facilitates the complete inspection of the product before the packaging is opened.

4. The new 4.8 thin slab is in fact the most advanced system concerning energy saving: there is the possibility of manufacturing high quality porcelain stoneware tiles with a remarkable energy saving, both for firing


The 4.8mm material’s properties make it idea to:

  1. Renovate floors and walls without having to demolish the existing ones - Floors and wall cladding in new buildings
  2. Residential or light commercial places. 


  1. I t respects the environment. Less material allows for savings in energy consumption, transport, raw materials and packaging
  2. Easy to cut. 4.8mm can be cut with dry cutting machines and with every tool intended to cut porcelain stoneware tiles
  3. Less weight. One slab 120x120 cm weights only 12kg. It is easy to handle even in big size.
  4. Less time for installing. It can be installed directly on existing floor, allowing for huge cost savings.