Gres Tiles for Architecture

DSG, porcelain gres division of Decoratori Bassanesi, offers a large range of gres tiles also in big dimensions. With a  width of 120x250 cm and a variable thickness - thanks to the use of advanced production techniques - from 12 to 4,8 and 6 millimeters, DSG's ceramic porcelain gres tiles allows to cover internal and external  environments, blending harmoniously with the context and representing an additional aesthetic value.

Particularly appreciated by architects, designers and interiors, our gres tiles are produced in full body multilayer, this allows to reach special decorative effects without using any glaze. They are available in a lot of decorations and shades, each gres tile is much more than a simple covering, it furnishes the whole setting with class, allowing to play with tradition, modernity and design.

As a perfect alternative to ceramic, the porcelain gres tile is a material extremely resistant to abrasion, waterproof and long-lived. It is the perfect solution for those who want to make an investment in quality that lasts in time.

Discover all DSG gres tiles collections and see some of our realizations. We worked on villas, spa and wellness centers, external and public environments with all our experience and  professionalism on the sector of  porcelain gres and ceramic tiles production.